With the increase in remote working, IAM software had become necessary. IAM, or Identity Access Management is vital for a corporation in any niche. Before we go through the best IAM software, let’s understand what it is. And why it is important.

What is IAM Software?

An Identity Access Management software provides security via three basic processes. These include identification at the top, followed by authentication and authorization. With the help of IAM software, you can protect your company’s data from unwanted access and malicious attacks.

How is an IAM Setup Done?

Getting one of the best IAM software products is important. But another vital aspect is to know how Identity Access Management software is set up. To choose the best IAM setup for your organization, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the infrastructure of my company?
  • What are the individual and group roles of my organization? (This will make clear who needs to be given access to what sort of data)
  • What devices need to be aligned with the IAM software? (Consider on-site devices like fingerprint readers and more)
  • How much customization do I need?
  • Do the local laws comply with both the Identity Access Management software features and my organization?

Why IAM Software is Necessary

For a company that has many employees, identity is key. Identity is related to safety. So, it’s important to have top-notch Identity Access Management software manage all security processes. Otherwise, data and other valuable content are always at risk.

Best IAM Software

Knowing the best IAM software in the market can help you eliminate chances of error. Not every software can perform the three processes mentioned above in a careful manner. This increases the risks of unknown identities getting access to crucial and sensitive data. No organization would want that.

Every organization or company would need an IAM based on their scale and environment. Below is a list of some of the best IAM software products to suit every organization.

Cisco Duo

The Cisco Duo is the leading Identity Access Management software in the zero-trust approach trend. With zero-trust, users only get access to the needed data. Access to the entire network is restrained. However, its market is currently small, and it is best for Cisco shops. Look out for the requirements before choosing Cisco Duo. But if you want to experiment with zero-trust, Cisco Duo is the best choice.

 Microsoft Azure

Viruses and attacks are one of the biggest concerns for a company. Keeping that in mind, Microsoft has launched its very own IAM software, Azure. Azure has many variants to choose from. Each variant is targeted to a different work environment. For instance, you can find one for a hybrid environment. Or you can find one that works on virtual machines or for consumers in the cloud. With Azure, you can get flexible with the variants.

 Oracle Identity Cloud

One of the leading names in the cloud, Oracle’s Identity Cloud is no different. With Oracle, you can get well-defined workflows in the cloud. It is also easy to deploy authentication, SSO and access management. However, Oracle’s behavioral features aren’t as great as compared to other IAM software.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

The IAM software provided by Amazon comes along with an AWS account. The advantage is that there are no additional costs. And it works the same way as any other IAM software does. It provides IT, administrators, full control over who is given access to AWS features and components.


Jumpcloud provides a single platform to manage identities across multiple IT resources. It also has some other business-oriented features like managing security policy and AD synchronization. Jumpcloud is perfect for organizations with a remote working system and without a domain. With this IAM software, it is easy to manage and distribute user access roles.


OneLogin provides integration for as many as 6,000 applications. Another advantage of OneLogin is that it is very easy to use and deploy. Although the reporting process needs to be worked upon.

Whatever IAM software you choose, make sure it fulfills your requirements. We, at Go Cloud Access, are Microsoft 365 partners. We can help you with cloud access and implementation, as well as IT, support. If you are confused about picking the right Identity Access Management software, feel free to contact us!