A Full Guide for Back Up to the Cloud

Hard drives are highly likely to fail, and businesses can’t afford to lose the information and data. Fortunately, over time, cloud backup services have been curated to empower businesses to keep the business’s data protected at a reasonable price. In simpler words, businesses no longer need to purchase the external storage device and copy the files manually. Instead, the storage and cloud backup automates the process, but they also require backup. For this reason, we are sharing more on cloud backup strategy!

Understanding The Cloud Backup Service

The cloud backup service is designed to offer online backup for businesses by copying the files on the cloud-based system. Contrary to conventional backups that only clone or copy the hard drive files, everything is online. The backups can be manual, or you can opt for automated uploading and syncing.

In most cases, businesses opt for automatic uploads, but manual uploads are still being used. For instance, if you purchase a new computer system, you can upload the old computer’s files to the new one manually, or you can download them on the new computer through the cloud. All in all, cloud backup solutions are essential, and we share the best ones businesses can depend on.


It is one of the most popular platforms chosen by businesses for cloud storage. It allows users to back up unlimited devices and support online synchronization and has the most affordable plans. For this reason, it’s an excellent cloud backup service for businesses that need a backup rule with quality and affordability.

The best thing about iDrive is the true archiving feature, as you don’t have to worry about the files getting deleted because most other backup services delete the old data versions when new files are uploaded. On top of everything, the price is perfect for small businesses and has the capacity to support over 10TB of data, which is significantly higher than small businesses require.

Acronis True Image

To begin with, this is not the conventional or well-dedicated cloud backup service, but a comprehensive range of backup solutions is available on the list. The backup system allows the users to back up data from the individual files to the computer systems. In addition, their backup system covers the smartphone’s data.

The competitive edge of Acronis True Image is the impressive recovery speed since cloud data restoration is highly stable and quick. The restored data can be accessed whenever you want, and if you opt for the Acronis Survival Kit, the restoration is fastened up even more.

Dropbox Business

Dropbox has gained a reputation for file storage over the past few years, and they have designed Dropbox Business for small and medium-scale businesses, given an array of features. It’s extremely easy to create collaborations. In addition, there is a collaboration tool that helps transfer over 100GB of data at once, making it a good choice if you want to share files between clients and collaborators.

On top of everything, Dropbox Business has various plans for storing and backing unlimited data, so businesses with a lot of data can depend on it. Since most cloud-based backup services don’t provide this feature, Dropbox gets an edge.


For businesses looking for convenient features and value for money, BackBlaze is a good choice, as it’s available for $6 a month/per device. For this reason, it’s a reliable choice for businesses with limited devices, and the service is exceptional. The best thing about BackBlaze is that it’s convenient to use, ensuring businesses don’t skimp on backups. On top of everything, the files are appropriately encrypted, promising protection from hacking and ransomware.


This is an exceptional choice for businesses looking for comprehensive cloud-based backup services and has been mainly designed for medium-scale businesses with multiple computers. The data is stored on Microsoft Azure and/or Amazon S3 servers. The data is backed up every eight hours, so you won’t lose data if there is a system crack.

All the backups are provided with in-depth reports, and you can manage various accounts from one screen. In addition, you can customize the features according to the work environment!

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