What are Cloud Services?

If you are working in the corporate business field, the chances are that you have heard of the term ‘cloud service’ or ‘cloud services’ being used at least once. While cloud services are important and many businesses use them, it is not always obvious to employees when they are using them. And thus, comes the confusion when hearing the term.

If you want to find out what cloud services are and the best options for cloud services for you, you have come to the right place.

What are cloud services?

Cloud services are a collection of services that are offered to consumers over the internet. Many businesses make use of cloud services to maintain a constant workflow. These do not come with any external hardware, so often, people do not even realize when they are using these services.

Why use a cloud service for business?

A lot of businesses use cloud services for their daily data management and email assortment. However, the question that comes to mind is ‘why people use them?’ and ‘why is it important to use cloud services for your business?’. The following are some of the advantages of using cloud services;

  • Low Costs – Cloud services are usually based on subscription plans. IT Service providers offer plans that fit the consumer’s needs for some time, such as every month or every year. Getting such subscriptions can save you the need to purchase licenses for certain software and having to invest in them full time. Instead, companies can make use of the cloud to manage and store data.
  • Low Maintenance – Cloud services require little to no maintenance as they do not require any additional hardware, which would be much more prone to damage. They do not require regular maintenance as you would with a traditional setup and, thus, save the trouble of constantly having to worry about maintenance.
  • Demand Basis – Subscriptions for cloud services are designed on the demand of the customers. Customers are only made to pay for services that they need instead of paying for all sorts of platforms that are no use to them, making it easy to scale up and scale down along with the business’s fluctuation.

There are different types of cloud services available in different ranges and cover a variety of different services, it is important to choose a good service provider to meet all your needs.

Some of the top cloud services providers are listed below:

Amazon Web Services – Among all the cloud services platforms, AWS is known to be the most efficient and the fastest contributing to over 31% of the cloud market. Several businesses are using AWS, and it’s the high-security system that allows them to trust this platform fully. It helps provide businesses with the option to scale and flexibly change the services that they are using. AWS is the most common cloud platform that is used in the business sphere.

Microsoft Azure – The tech giant’s cloud offering is considered one of the best and best available, holding over 20% of the global cloud market. Azure service offerings have several tiers, including MSDN and several others, to support the development and further enhance their services.

Google Cloud Platform – GCP works well with Google Suite to make the process of workflow easier and more convenient for employees holding 6% of the market. It offers a range of services to help businesses collaborate and use for work. It makes use of an advanced security system, and it aids you in payments by offering unique subscriptions that suit your needs.

AliBaba Cloud is the most recent entry into the cloud industry, holding 5% of the global cloud market. The company that originated from an eCommerce website is giving tough competition to that of Google Cloud Platform and serves as the primary cloud service to China’s home country.

There are several other cloud service platforms available out there, including IBM Soft layer, Adobe Cloud, Verizon Cloud, etc. that combine and hold 37% of the cloud industry. All offer services such as data management, storage, transfer, and good security for your data from malicious parties.

Benefits of choosing the best cloud services

Defining the best cloud services is difficult since the idea of ‘best’ is quite subjective, and the definition is different for each person. When choosing a cloud provider for your business, you would know what is best for you based on your needs and your budget.

While popular cloud platforms may be considered the best by most, they may end being a little too expensive for you. However, if you do not have the monetary constraints, getting a service such as AWS or IBM Cloud may be the best route. Not only do these services provide a great number of applications and programs that you can use, but they also have extremely well-built security systems that will be your money’s worth.

Using lower-end cloud service platforms can run you into constant troubleshooting, extremely slow data transfer, and several security risks, among many other problems. Since you are investing money, it would be better to get a higher-end service that offers fewer such risks and that other people have had a good experience with. Investing in good cloud services for business will surely save you trouble in the future.

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